Tuesday, 12 February 2019

Phuhlisani NPC launches new website on land issues

Knowledgebase.land has been up and running for the last couple of months.
KB.L enables you to stay abreast of land related news and to access the latest research. Our research teams collect and organise news and research outputs by content and theme. We make it easy to find specific information and then to discover a wide range of related content.

KB.L seeks to bring to life all aspects of the ‘land issue’, recognising that land is a deeply important aspect of our collective history, and an emotive issue which influences the shaping of our political landscape.
KB.L seeks to develop a comprehensive sense of this history, heritage and memory through a combination of news, commissioned articles, links to research and a repository of documentary photographs providing multiple perspectives on rural and urban land.
KB.L exists to deepen the conversation about the urban and rural land issues and to advance critical analysis of the policy and practice of land reform in South Africa. It aims to build an expanding national knowledge base that illuminates different narratives about land and land reform implementation to help us better understand our past, reflect on our sense of nationhood and consider options for our future.

The website includes a dedicated focus on farm workers.

Thursday, 7 February 2019

Submission on farm worker housing

The submission developed as parted of the Decent Work in Agriculture Dialogue drew on research commissioned by the Laborie Inititiave. Delegates attending the final dialogue indicated their support for the content of the submission, This was further discussed by the Laborie Initiative whose members undertook to sign and make an unsolicted submission to relevant departments and parliamentary portolio committess dealing with land and housing.
The final submission is available here